2019    is    here!    yaaaaaaaaay

2019    is    here!    yaaaaaaaaay


Greetings to the young the old and everybody else in between to the new season at MBVFC.  We are incredibly happy to be talking and breathing football once again after five months away. The club is once again pleased to announce that all doors are open and business as usual has commenced. Coaches players volunteers and all other contributors to this great club can now make contact with us and get busy.

We would like to shout out a big thankyou to our previous head coach Jonathan Flantz who has decided to move on from his coaching role and we would like to also mention the new building work going on down at Pine Ave.  We received a $20000 dollar grant to upgrade our changing rooms to accommodate the ever increasing female participation rates at the club. New changing rooms showers and hopefully a small office space will be built on top of the current buildings and we need to raise another $30000 dollars to cover costs.  This is a huge undertaking and we are putting out for anybody who could possibly help with fundraising events over the course of the season…please see below for events already planned and come along to support this major 2019 undertaking at the club….we are moving forward and need as much support from our local community as possible…. cheers


Shane – Club Secretary
I will answer
all comments by e-mail.