MBVFC is proud to have established the first ‘Football 4 All’ program in the Football Far North Coast (FFNC) region – the MBVFC All Stars!

The program aims to provide players of all abilities and additional needs with a supportive and inclusive environment, that gives them the opportunity to maximise their potential and enjoy playing non-competitive football (soccer) at a community-based club. 

The program runs in the usual football winter season, on Sunday mornings at Pine Avenue, Mullumbimby, from 9:30am to 10:30am.  

We cater for boys and girls, men and women, inclusive of individual additional needs and disability.

Our activities aim to develop the skills required to play modified games on small fields with a reduced number of players.  Playing modified games is a proven formula for ensuring every player has increased participation resulting in greater involvement, enjoyment, and more touches on the ball.  

The MBVFC All Stars come under the umbrella of the Northern NSW Football Football 4 All initiative.

If you would like to join the All Stars, please email F4A@mbvfc.com.au to request an application form 

We have specialist coaches at the sessions, who will assess each player so that we can fit the player to their most suited team.

We are not bound by age groups for teams.  We will make up teams based on a range of factors to ensure all players in each team work well together and that every player enjoys their football experience.

For more information, please contact the project co-ordinator, Sharon Scriven, on F4A@mbvfc.com.au 

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