Junior Presentation Awards: Sunday 21st September

Junior Presentation Awards: Sunday 21st September


Greetings,Ā  after a fantastic season it has come to the presentation awards once again.. how time flies when your local football club is having such a fantastic year ….

The junior Presentation will be at Pine AVe on Sunday 21st September from 10am til 12.30am.

Apologies if some families are away at this time but we simply had to make a decision which we believed would offer us most chance of getting most people along.Ā  There will be food and drinks and fun things for the kids.Ā 

As usual the 6year olds will be presented first followed by each age group up until the 16year olds…
Be great to see you there.

P.SĀ Ā  seniors presentation awards will be announced soon.


Shane – Club Secretary
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