Finals Football @ Pine Ave.

Finals Football @ Pine Ave.


Womens Second Division Grand Final WInners!!!!!!!!
Well done to our top womens team tonight who beat Woodburn 5-1 to win their Grand Final game…   What a couple of years these girls have had..  fantastic..   Premier league  watch out in 2015.. 🙂

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SEMI FINALS:   What a ride.  The 12s got up and are now in the Grand Final. Please read their report below for full details:

The Mens second division lost to Rovers 2 nil and just miss out, and the Under 16s Fruitbats lost to Bangalow 3-1 and have finished their season.

Wed evening 10.9  sees the Under 13s take on Lismore for a place in the Grand Final. Good luck with that one.


Mullumbimby 4, Alstonville 2
Alstonville came out very strong in the first half. We were trading blow for blow in the attack on goal department, until eventually Kalani scored off a great run. Then it seemed like we’d peeled off a layer of Alstonville’s composure. Zahi then weaved in for a spectacular goal to put us two up. Were really able to build on this and started looking very strong. We were awarded a free kick a few metres outside the box after a heavy tackle. Zahi deftly belted the ball around the wall and we finished the first half 3:0 up.
I have to give Alstonville credit. They came back out in the 2nd half with their heads up, ready to do business. They were rewarded with a great goal. They swapped their fastest players forward and threw everything at us. We were still looking dangerous but they weren’t going to give up easily! Not an easy thing to do from 3:0 down, but they had the edge in the second half scoring two goals in total. They were using big kicks from midfield, heading the bounce over our defenders and running through. They used this very effectively. We scored again courtesy of Reece, who scored a magnificent goal.
Alstonville played a good clean game and were very magnanimous in their congratulations at the end. They are a credit to their club.
Well done boys – through the Grand Final!
Player of the match – it was such a close call. Everyone played a great game tonight, but the team decided it needed to be split between Francisco AND Zahi
Francisco – well deserved. He has been an indispensable Centre Back for the whole season. He has evolved so much as a player this year compared with last year. He was like a wall of steel tonight with speed and determination thrown in! Mr Dependable!
Zahi – Wow what a game. Two great goals. The first was the result of pouncing on the ball in the box and driving it in without hesitation. The second gaol was the result of a free kick which he put left of the wall straight into goal. Mr Classy! “Bend it like Beckham” gives way to “Zoom in like Zahi”! Also, some very nice manoeuvring of the ball and passes away.
Reece – Another cracker of a game. Really excellent ball control. Carving through the opposition and getting ball after ball away to attacking players. Very economical and effective use of feints, while keeping momentum during 1v1 encounters. Good defence also bouncing the ball forward on first touch and reversing play. Really well deserved goal, seeing the opportunity and darting in to bang in goal number 4.
Kalani – Very fast on the pitch. Set the pace tonight, knocking in the first goal. A very sure footed player and quick to take opportunities when they present. Watch this space ladies and gentlemen, we are going to see a lot more great soccer from this player!
Luke – After being bounced off the ball by all and sundry in the first half of the season, you have become “Bulldozer Luke”. It seemed like every scrap you got into tonight, you emerged with the ball! Well done Lukie!
Ariel – Our other Centre Back tonight. Right in the hot seat. He really stood up well with determination and strength. Good position play. Ran all game and put a good dampener on Alstonville’s attack. Evolving into a really solid player!
Lucas – Very good position play. Really getting to know the Left Back position and playing it well. Not all your kicks went as intended, but you recovered well and got straight back into it! Big improvements this year. Some kicking practice coming into next season will turn you into a formidable player.
Raf – Great job with the team and running the warm ups. a great influence on building team spirit. Some players shine with great individual moves, but play makers and team builders are what glues it all together. Very good game tonight. Disciplined Midfield play and usual hard work.
Ashta – Perhaps the most feared player on the team and his goal scoring for the season reflects that. Very steady on his feet, cool and collected under pressure. Playing an unfamiliar position tonight at Left Mid, strengthened our position and acted as a launching pad for many attacks. Great ball positioning and first-touch action.
Aaryin – What Francisco has with speed, Aaryin has with poise and good decision making under pressure. Almost always makes the right move. Would love to see him get into the Rep program. Some additional training is going to bring out a very fine attacking midfielder.
Yanik – Mr Supersonic with the ball tonight. Some great runs at goal, unlucky not to score a couple of times. One word for you Yanik SATURDAY!!!
Jamai – Good solid play tonight. No soft goals. Effective play out from the back. Despite concerns re your size you have been a very effective keeper. Kudos to you and the back-line for having the fewest goals scored against our team for the season!
As a general comment, I saw some really good first and second touch passing of the ball as well as some excellent 1v1 contests that mostly resulted in successful outcomes. That is, the run with the ball ended with a successful layoff or shot at goal. I only say a small number of individual runs with the ball that resulted in loosing the ball. This means we are making good decisions and playing with our heads up. We have come so far in a few weeks from being a collection of players competing for glory to becoming an effective team! So good to see this. You guys are peaking at the perfect time!
Training Thursday 5pm – 6:15pm.
Best wishes,
Mullum 12s and 13s  both have semi final action this Tue and Wed evening. The 12s are are at Pine Ave Tue at 6pm and the 13s are at Lismore Thistles on Wed night at 6pm.  Good luck.
Our super second division ladies team powered into the Grand Final today with a convincing five nil win over Lennox.  Good luck for the final on fri 12th Sep at Lismore.
Mens Second division kept there hopes alive for Grand Final football with a convincing win on Sat over Alstonville. They head over to Richmond on Tue night for a Grand Final play off…good luck lads.
Mens Sixth Grade Final:
        Ocean Shores 3 def. MBVFC 0
wow..what a ride.. 13 gamed undefeated until the Grand Final, finishing second from bottom last year, and making it to the last game of the season in 2014.  The final in Ballina was always going to be a hard game. Firstly the Suffolk Park semi final on the previous Tue evening took everything from our players, also Ocean Shores were always the big favourites with the two young forwards they have playing down a few divisions.  Anyway we gave it our all and gave away two own goals and a simple error to lose by three.  Congratulations to all the lads for a HUGE season.
Mens Sixth Grade Grand Final Coach:

A 24 seater bus will be leaving
Pine Ave at 9.30 on Saturday morning for the Grand Final in Ballina:  if you would like to reserve a seat or more info call chris on 0422946914

Our two premier teams face up to stiff opposition this week in their semi final clashes: The 16s also take on their arch rivals Casino for a spot in the Grand Final. So get ya scarf on, a hot flask of tea, and come out and support the fixtures below:
Fri Evening @ Pine Ave:  Womens second division Semi Final  Vs Lennox Sharks  6.30 kick off:

Sat Afternoon @ Pine Ave:  Mens second division semi final  Vs Alstonville    1.00pm Kick off:

Sat Morning:  @ Casino  Boys 16s  Fruitbats     Semi Final 10.30am:

Sat Morning:  Under 13s semi final action @ Pine Ave against Goonellabah at 11am:

For all fixtures go follow the link below:::::::

Wow   we did it!!!!     Mens Sixth Grade semi final was a corker, beating Suffolk Park on penalties after extra time finished 1-1.  As huge underdogs for this fixture the lads all performed brilliantly. Special mentions must go to our 16s lads, Mott, Lachie and Soli for their excellent performances. Stevie Edmonds saved a couple of penalties, and Phil Morphee stood up under pressure to convert the winning penalty.

Many people suggest this could even be the first Grand Final that the sixth division has one…YAAAYYYY.
A massive crowd and a vibe to die for made this a memorable evening down at Pine Ave
Finals football at pine avenue gets under way tomorrow night (Tue 2.9) with the sixth grade mens semi final against Suffolk Park. 6.30 kick off..come and cheer the old fellows along. The following Saturday and next Tuesday also sees junior, mens and women’s teams in the finals..So its a busy schedule of football showing just how exciting this season has been.  Congratulations to everybody at the club who has contributed to 2014.


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