2015 Training UPDATE

2015 Training UPDATE


Pine Ave grounds are open for the weekend games 24.7.15
All football at Pine Ave has been called off this weekend (1.5.15) due to heavy weather.
Hi everybody. All training is off Tues  7th April due to excessive rain. Will make another call tomorrow (Wed). Cheers
Hi everybody. All training is off Wed 1.4 due to excessive rain. Will make another call tomorrow (Thurs)  🙂
Senior training schedules over Easter are as normal.
Registrations for grades 8 to 11 have now been closed due to all teams being crammed full 🙂
That time of year is upon us: Let the fun begin!

MBVFC Senior Football Round One Fixtures:

Mens 1st Division:  Italo Stars Vs Mullumbimby  Fri 27th 8pm
Mens 3rd Division:  Pottsville Vs Mullumbimby  Sat 28th 3pm
Mens 5th Division:  Pottsville Vs Mullumbimby  Sat 28th 1pm
Mens 7th Division:  Lismore Thistles Vs Mullumbimby Sat 28th 1pm
Women’s 2nd Division:  Lismore Workers Vs Mullumbimby Sun 12.30pm
Please be reminded that all senior registrations need to be in by next week before the first game of the season. Cheers
Junior team muster dates for next week @ Pine Ave  are : 

Grade 6s  Monday 23rd March 4.30pm
Grade 7s Monday 23rd March 5.30pm

Grade 8s Tuesday 24th March 4.30pm
Grade 9s Tuesday 24th March 5.30pm

Please call the club for more info if required.  🙂
MBVFC  2015 Training Schedule: (updated 11.3)


Women  6-7:30   Heath
SAP  5:30-7  Albert (Skill Acquisition Program)


6s, 3:45-4:45, Stefan
10s, 4-5:30, Streety
13s Girls, 4:30-6  Shane
14Bs 5.30-6.45  Andrew
All senior men’s teams 6:45-8:30


7s  4-5 Alex
9s  3:30-4:30  Craig
9s   4-5   Nev
11s  5-6:30  Steve
12As  4:30-6  Craig
13As  5-6:30  Jon
14As  5-6:30  Jon
Women  6-7:30  Heath


(8s  4-5  coach to be announced)
10s  4-5   Albert  (likely to change)
12-16  Girls  4:45-6:15  Terry (likely to change)
12Bs   3:45-5   Chris
13As  5-6:30   Jon
14As  5-6:30   Jon
15As   4:30-6   Dave
All senior men’s teams  6:45-8:30


14Bs  5:30-6:45  Andrew

Good news:  Pine Avenue is open and back in business. All training schedules are now at our home ground as from 9.3. Please keep off any bare patches that have been roped off, and please call the club if you do not know when your training session is scheduled for..  see you down at the ground and good luck with the new season. 🙂

Mens senior training is  7pm til 8.30pm Tue and Thurs @ Pine Ave.
Ladies training is 6pm til 7.30pm Mon and Wed. Cheers

Junior training schedules will be posted shortly


March 8th: Junior(12-16) Grading completed
March 13th: Junior teams (12-16) nominations due 
March 27th: Miniroos teams (6-11) nominations due
March 27/28/29th: Junior 10 Team Competitions Commence
April 3/4/5th: Easter no games

April 24/25/26th: Long weekend no games

May 2nd: 
Miniroos games commence

Please keep checking here or FaceBook.


Shane – Club Secretary
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