Volunteers Wanted for 2015 season:

Volunteers Wanted for 2015 season:



This year, the Valley’s are looking to recruit 3 new volunteers to help us in transforming our club into the BIGGEST little club in the zone.

These are positions within the club which would best be served by people with fresh energy and an interest in seeing their kids enjoying a better experience and a fairer chance. Applicants would be mentored into these roles by existing Club representatives, who would guide and support them as needed.

The only prerequisites are a bit of enthusiasm and an approachable nature.


The responsibility of the Miniroos coordinator is simply to ensure that 6-9 yr old players and their parents have the best introduction possible into the football family.

Duties are to assist new parents and coaches in understanding the how’s, where’s and why’s of the game.
This may include giving occasional guidance to coaches, pointing them in the right direction regarding equipment, field setup, or coaching resources, and when available, assisting visitors or parents who may seem lost or confused on matchday.

This is a Grassroots role within the club, and the vision is that the initial process of engaging and informing coaches and parents at the start of the season would ensure a self sufficient model of organization to perpetuate throughout the club culture.

This position would best suit somebody already involved with Miniroos, but all applicants are welcome.


The responsibility of the Facilities Coordinator is to act as a Gear Steward.

Duties would include ensuring all coaches are provided with adequate training equipment and keeping stock of such equipment.

This position is mostly active towards the start and end of each season, and would suit anyone who is available to help primarily for a few hours each week during these two key periods.


The responsibility of the Risk Protection Manager is to co-ordinate Volunteers for the role of Ground Official and ensure that they are suitably informed in the Club Risk Management Procedures.

This position is mostly active during the season proper, and it is envisaged that applicants for Facilities Coordinator may also wish to consider applying for this role.

Candidates who may be interested in doing their bit for the community, but are unsure regarding the level of commitment and would like more information are welcome to contact the club for further assistance.

Please remember, it is volunteers that make this club. Your support is invaluable!

Contact us if you think u can help..


Shane – Club Secretary
I will answer
all comments by e-mail.