finals football

finals football


Finals Football:
As the Miniroos season draws to an end across the shire, the competitive finals series  gets underway (12’s+). For many coaches managers players and parents this is a nail biting but hugely exciting time of year. As a competitive sport, aiming for finals football is something of a challenge. Many kids up to this age have had no prior experience of battling to achieve results.

As players get older the level of desire to reach their own potential and raise their game rises. Making finals football is one mark of success in any sport. Finals sport generally means finishing the season in the top 4 or 5 of their respective league. A shortened knockout series commences leaving only two teams in the Grand Final. As a small loving ethical football club , Grand Finalists at MBVFC are almost as rare as hens teeth.

Our recent club accreditation, the delivery of improved coaching across the club, and a commitment to fair play has improved our success rate in finals football. This year we have reached a milestone.

As finals football kicks off for the 2016 season, the club has a 70% competitive team / finals ratio. This is as high as many remember it ever being. Over the next two weekends these teams will battle for Grand Final status. Well done to everybody involved. 

For those teams whose season is now over we thank you immensely for being part of the ‘biggest little club in the shire’ and look forward to seeing you all in 2017.  Attached is the fixture list for all remaining ‘finals fixtures’.. come on down and support our wonderful teams. Cheers.


Shane – Club Secretary
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