ANZAC and McMillan Cup draws for our teams

ANZAC and McMillan Cup draws for our teams


We registered two teams in the ANZAC Cup 2012, and one in the women’s McMillan Cup.
Here the draws:
MBVFC 1 are in the Open B competition, Pool A with:
Lismore Workers
Richmond Rovers

MBVFC 2 are in Pool C with:
South Lismore
Ocean Shores

In Callan McMillan B, we are in Pool A with:
Lismore Workers
Nimbin Headers
Richmond Rovers

Our fixtures in the ANZAC Cup:
04/03/2012 Lismore Workers v Mullum/Bruns 1     SL     2:30pm
04/03/2012 South Lismore v Mullum/Bruns 2        SL     4:30pm
11/03/2012 Richmond Rovers v Mullum/Bruns 1    E2     2:30pm
11/03/2012 Seawolves v Mullum/Bruns 2             K’cliff 3:00pm
16/03/2012 Shores v Mullum/Bruns2                  Shore  6:30pm
18/03/2012 Bangalow v Mullum/Bruns 1             Bang   2:30pm

Callan McMillan Cup Fixtures:
04/03/2012 Richmond Rovers v Mullum/Brunswick E2     2:30pm
11/03/2012 Lismore Workers v Mullum/Brunswick SL      2:30pm
18/03/2012 Nimbin Headers v Mullum/Brunswick NH     2:30pm


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