2016 training schedules 

2016 training schedules 


MBVFC 2016 Training Schedules:

Under 6s

Dragons – 4-5pm Wednesdays
Tornadoes – 4-5pm Tuesdays
Rockets – 3.45-4.45pm Wednesdays
Vipers – 4.15-5.15pm Thursdays

Under 7s

Eagles – 4-5pm Tuesdays

Under 8s

Crocodiles – 4.30-5.30pm Wednesdays
Dingoes – 4.45- 5.45pm Thursdays
Redbacks – 4.30-5.30pm Wednesdays

Under 9s

Hornets – 4-5pm Thursdays

Under 10s

Nev’s team – 4.00-5.15pm Thursdays
Craig’s team – 4.15-5.15pm Thursdays

Under 11s

Tate & Mick Stingrays – 4-5.20pm Tuesdays
Alberts team – 4-5.20pm Thursdays

Under 12s /13s

Jon’s team – 5-6.30pm mixed 12A’s / 13A’s Thursdays
Andrew & John 12A’s – 5-6.30pm Wednesdays
Craig 13A’s 5.30-7pm Wednesday
Matt 12B’s – 5-6.30pm Monday
Matt 12B’s – 5-6.30pm Wednesdays
Girls Under 13s /15s /16s
Jon – 5-6.30pm Wednesday

Under 15s /16s

Phil / Adam 16A’s 5.30-7pm Monday
Jon 15A’s/16A’s – 5-6.30pm Tuesday
Steve 15A’s 5.30-7pm Thursday
Jack 15B’s 5-6.30pm Tuesday
Jack 15B’s 5.30-6.45pm Thursday
Jon 16s Girls 6.30-8pm Wednesday

Women Senior

Lee 3rds and 5ths 6.30-8pm Monday
Jon 3rds and 5ths 6.30-8pm Wednesday

Men’s senior

Men’s 7th’s 6-7.30pm Tuesdays ( Thursdays optional)
Men’s 5th’s 7-8.30pm Tuesdays / Thursdays
Men’s 2nds 7-8.30pm Tuesdays / Thursdays


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